And the winner is…..

The Sean Healen Band.
Congratulations to Sean. The competition was fierce and
it was a fun process. Sennheiser and Harmony Central were very impressed with the entries and the creative output of our musical community. There will be a continuing story about this contest as well as ongoing communication with some of the top finalists. Thanks again to all of the musicians that submitted entries. Stay tuned.


Contest Update

Greetings all.

Well this has been an exciting process!

The competition is strong. We’ve gotten down to three finalists. Representatives from the sponsors have asked for one more evening to re-listen to their final picks. I am extremely grateful for Sennheiser and Harmony Central’s participation and have granted that extension with no hesitation. I know you are all waiting to exhale.

Hang in there!


Harmony Central on From a Whisper to a Dream

Harmony Central just posted a great article about From a Whisper To a Dream and Impulse Groove Foundation’s recent premiere for it. It also talks about our upcoming performances at NAMM in January, 2015, featuring artists like Jeff “Skunk” Baxter and Steve Morse.


From a Whisper to a Dream

For Immediate Release: October 2014
Contact: Talia Kosh:
(505) 983-9834
October 17 and 18 at 5pm-7pm (all ages)
Skylight Night Club
Santa Fe, NM
Free Admission
Impulse Groove Foundation Debuts its “Silent Performance” and Launches New Project and Opportunity for Santa Fe-based musical acts with “From A Whisper To A Dream,” powered by Sennheiser Electronic Corporation.
This event is to give the following opportunity to musicians in Santa Fe: Unsigned acts based in Santa Fe, of all ages and genres, shall have an open opportunity to submit two original songs (recorded as best as possible*) at the event, in order to be considered for an opportunity to receive a one-time “dream package”** of performance and or recording gear from the Sennheiser Electronic...


It begins

An “impulse” is a driving or motivating force, and with Impulse Groove Foundation, it’s the motivation to dance.


It is a unique musical experience – three musicians, Hardgroove, Mike Boyko, and Robert Muller, conjure a spontaneous tapestry of heavy funk grooves right on the spot, each performance unique from beginning to end.


No set list, no safety net. Real music spun in real time.


Expect the unexpected, but expect Groove.